Thursday, December 27, 2012

KING 5 on December 27, 2012 @ 8:00 p.m.

 Thank you for tuning into KING 5 tonight,
December 27, 2012
at 8:00 p.m.
(Pacific Time)
to see the special that they are running to try and help me reach my new goal of
for Children's Hopsital
by my next birthday...
October 11, 2013!

Friday, November 30, 2012


I have never been on TV before and I hope that it will help me complete my NEW goal...WHICH IS NOW $5,000.00 by my next bithday on October 11, 2013!
My brother, my mom and I went door to door to collect money for the kids.
It was fun that it was pouring RAIN! I felt bad for the reporter and camera man though!

My Trip to Children's on November 1, 2012


 Me in front of Children's Hospital on November 1, 2012, with my handmade check before I went in to give them the donation.
 My parent's, Jamie and Jay were really excited to share this experience with me and my brother's Jaxon and Morgan got to come with me too. My sisters had to stay at home and go to school.

Helen and me looking through the cards that I made for the kids.

 I gave Helen, the volunteer coordinator, the big check of $2,708.50. She was really blown away that a young girl like me would give up my birthday for kids that have cancer.
My mom and me after I gave my donation.

I couldn't believe how big the hospital was.  I enjoyed learning about how it started.  It was bright and colorful and they had a lot of fun animals throughout the entire place.
My favorite was the ZEBRA! I love Zebra print!
They had a train that went around the top of the wall.
 It doesn't run anymore though.
My 2nd grade teacher and my mom's friend, Anne came with us.  She use to volunteer at Children's when she was in college at U of W.
This is Miss Anne putting my Star on me that I got to make in the Child Life Play Room.
This is me in the elevator. They had fun colored pictures painted on the walls.

Me walking through the hospital on our way home thinking back on the day that I had. I realized that
the kids in the hospital do not focus on having cancer. It is their normal to have to go and get treatments. I am sure that they have a peace because they know that some day they will get better and be able to explore the world like I get to. It made me realize again how lucky I am and blessed to have the life that I have!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Chloe's Class helps her raise Money

Chloe's teacher, Mrs. Petersen, is excited to help Chloe reach her goal and is so proud of her efforts to raise money for Children with Cancer. 

 Chloe's class has raised over $118.00  in one week!  They are all hoping that Chloe not only reaches her goal but doubles or triples it! 
Chloe standing in her classroom with the money collected so far and her collection information.  She had adorable pictures taken with her classmates surrounding her, however, those pictures are not allowed to be uploaded.

Chloe Goes Door to Door Collecting Coins

Chloe was asked what she wanted to do after school on her birthday and she thought it would be a good idea to go door to door and try to collect spare change to add to her cause. Chloe raised over $57.00 and was excited to add that to her collection for Children's.

Chloe standing outside of her own door and enjoying a Ding Dong that she was given by one of the places that she stopped asking for spare change.  She was amazed by people's generosity and is excited to continue collecting money for "her friends fighting cancer".

Chloe Being Recognized at a School Assembly

Chloe was recognized at her school assembly  on her 11th birthday for displaying effort and setting a good example for her peers. Her teacher Mrs. Petersen presented the award to her.

Chloe was asked if it was hard to give up her birthday and the gifts and she simply said yes it is hard but it is worth it. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting the Money on my Birthday from the Bank.

I went to the Bank on my Birthday...
 And turned in all of the money that I still had to turn in.
 I waited for the teller to get all of my money out of my account and make a Cashier's Check written to Children's Hospital. 
 Mom took my pictures outside of the bank with the Cashier's Check.
I was so excited! I took the Cashier's Check and added it to the Checks made out to Children's and then made my own check so they knew the total amount that I raised.